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Bienvenid@ a Estoy Aburrido .NeT Tu web de Juegos Flash Online!!!!

Juego Ofrecido

Shootout IIShootout II
Challenge cowboys to duels and capture the most wanted criminals.

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Place your white piece down and change the computer's black pieces to white.
Mas Retro Juegos
Notepad Invaders
Another remake of the classic Space Invaders game. But what's the twist in this one, you say? No, th
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Naughts and Crosses
Play a classic game of Naughts and Crosses. Tic Tac Toe!
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Munchy Man
A version of pacman.
Mas Retro Juegos
Moon Cave
Fly the space ship without blowing up.
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Mood Match
Match the faces together in the shortest amount of time.
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Monster Sumo
What do you think this game is about?
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Mini Cars
Race around the track in your beetle bug like car, take the turns and get ahead of the two computer
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Mercury Drops
The object of this game is to survive as a mercury drop. Contact smaller or the same size drops to f
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Match the numbers while remembering them in your head.
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Find out way out of the maze.
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Play the classic game of Mastermind as you try to figure out what color combination you have to use
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Mario Rush Arena
Help Mario in this little game to kill the evil Goomba and Koopa in various levels and finally defea
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Drag the iron ball through different magnetic fields and TRY to drop it into the bowl.
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Accion / Aventura Juegos

Elephant Boner AssaultElephant Boner Assault
In this game you go bump into people.
Help the fruit rescue his fiancee kidnapped by an evil wizard, in this side scrolling adventure game
Ballistic BiscuituBallistic Biscuitu
Ride in tube and avoid obstacles
Planet War IIPlanet War II
Fly your jet around bomb tanks and other jeep trucks shooting missiles at you.

Arcade Juegos

Darkojam SkiesiDarkojam Skiesi
3D rendered fighter jet shooting game
Choose to be Inferno Fury, or the Razor Claw, in this platform game
Capture The Flag-Capture The Flag-
Avoid enemies and their deadly arrows while trying ot acpture their flag and race back to your own b
Whaked Studio-Whaked Studio-
Click on as many treasure as possible and try to avoid the negative objects

Casino Juegos

Sign of ZodiaciSign of Zodiaci
This is a 5 column, 3 reels slot machine with Zodiac theme
Caribbean PokeruCaribbean Pokeru
Pay upto 100 for 1 in this Caribbean Poker if you manage a Royal Flush
Place your bet on the roulette
Solitaire with illustrated card face

Puzzle Juegos

Spore Cubes+Spore Cubes+
Explode cubed by clicking on groups of same-colored cubes.
Klax 3DuKlax 3Du
Hold the tile and arrange 3 pieces of the same colours to use it
Plumber 1Plumber 1
Rotate the pipes around and set them up so they connect from one to the end pipe before time runs ou
CC Fight ClubCC Fight Club
Choose your clock character bio clock and others ice super attack combo hits and fight against your

Shooting Juegos

Celebrity Hitman Terrorist Alert+Celebrity Hitman Terrorist Alert+
Choose your target(s) in this special shoot them up
Pick up health and body armor so that you can advanced into the next level
Mario Castle ShootiMario Castle Shooti
Buy weapons and protect the castle
Mission R4 JuneiMission R4 Junei
A group of terrorists have invaded your street. Your mission is to kill them all

Deportes Juegos

Switching Goals+Switching Goals+
Play this funny penalty shootout game featuring movie clips
Monkey Cliff DivingMonkey Cliff Diving
Make the monkeys dive off of a cliff without killing themselves.
Moto XMoto X
The aim of this game is to show of your motorbike skills by jumping off the ramps and performing ris
Drop OffDrop Off
Select a trick while sliding down the mountain, then control the spin and flip while you try to land

Otros Juegos

Acne Be GoneoAcne Be Goneo
99 seconds but a zit aint one! Pop all the pimples on this guys face before time is up.
Monster MunchoMonster Muncho
Help the monster eat all of the falling snowflakes.
Add up numbers before the time runs out.
Play the role of a Ronin in this Japanese Anime style RPG game

Lucha Juegos

Ad Tick FighterAd Tick Fighter
A strange game where you beat the heck out of some guy in this sumo wrestling game based on internet
Travel around the world trying to knockout all of your opponents in this awesome 2D knockout game. T
PC BreakdownPC Breakdown
Has your PC ever crashed just as you were about to save a crucially important document? Has it ever
Pumpkin BattlePumpkin Battle
An evil pumpkin has invaded your patch and is wreaking havoc. He must be stopped.

Carreras Juegos

Speed down the autobahn avoiding other cars and stay alive as long as you can.
Drunk Driver ChampionshipDrunk Driver Championship
Another classic Helicopter like game. You're drunk, and the more drunk you get, the harder the game
Goosehead RacingGoosehead Racing
Race your dragster and win money to upgrade it.
Jungle PatrolJungle Patrol
The bus is heading towards the bombs?what do you do?... what do you do!?! Take your jeep and save t

Retro Juegos

Sammy The SalmonSammy The Salmon
The fish needs to swiwm his way to the finish line.
Select letters from the pile dropping down and make words before too many letters fill the screen.
Fire and Ice DragonsFire and Ice Dragons
Gather up all the pieces of the shattered fire crystal.
Find out way out of the maze.


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